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Starline Films & Valenti VIsion Films Presents


Starline Films and Valenti Vision Films Presents
Directed by Joe Valenti
Produced by Jon Doscher
 Screenplay by Jon Doscher, Francine Ganguzza, and Michael Kevin Walker
Executive Producer Kevin Leckner
Cast: Jon Doscher, Rachael Robbins, Monica Leigh, Heidi Kristoffer, Keith Collins, Mike Randy, James Croft, with Rick Aiello, and Randy Jones
Synopsis: Eccentric Hollywood director Rande Richardson (JON DOSCHER) has it made: he’s prosperous, successful, and famous, with a stunning wife and a multi-million dollar mansion. The posh and glamorous Ava Garrison is signed on to star in his next film, and Rande is on the brink of achieving his life long goal – an Oscar. But Rande feels threatened when young playboy actor Dane Masterson steps into his territory. Rande’s success is endangered by his jealousy and inability to make decisions on his own. The superficial Hollywood life that Rande has built for himself proves to be fleeting, and Rande must come to terms with who and what really matters.

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